covid-19 outreach

From the very beginning, RockPointe Church has been all about helping people heal from life's hurts, and that's not stopping now! Below you will find a couple of ways to continue to serve our communities.

food pantry

We want to help those who are hurting in our communities. One of your opportunities is with Hill Country Community Ministries. Can you help by serving at your home campus with a mobile food pantry? We want to help families have what they need. 



Help, Don’t Hoard is a place on Facebook where people who need items that are hard to find at stores can request help from neighbors who have extra. These groups are a community effort, open to everyone in our area!

Help, Don't Hoard Facebook Groups:

Don't have Facebook? Let us help you! If you are in need of anything, please reach out and we will be happy to do what we can to get you connected with what you need.

Call: 512-259-8872 or email:

check on your neighbors

RockPointe, for our first effort, we want to check on our most vulnerable members during this time, and we need your help! We've made it easy for you!