OCTOBER 28. 10-12 @ both campuses. 

As a church, we’ve been talking about having a WILD faith that follows God no matter where he leads, no matter what the risk or uncertainty of outcome. And we’ve been practicing it with the 10 SECOND RULE. 10 Second Saturday is all about coming together as a church, getting out of our comfort zones and giving it a try! 

Bring your family. Gather with your group.

Get ready to serve. Get ready to be blown away.


Plan to show up at your RockPointe home campus SATURDAY, October 28 @ 10 a.m. (You’ll be done when your group has finished your 10 Second Challenge. Read on...)

Start praying and making plans with your Group, family, RockPointe serving team, or just come by yourself and we’ll help you connect with a few people!

Don’t put it off! Start asking God what 10 Second Challenge he has for you and start getting ready to make it happen THIS SATURDAY!


Think about what are your God-given talents, resources or abilities. Pray and ask God what it is He wants you to do, then be looking for the opportunities God presents to you… AND THEN…do it, don’t question, don’t analyze…SAY YES! What could that look like? (Just some thoughts to get you started...)

 Ask God to show you a part of town, a family or a community organization that could use help. Go there with your group ask how you can help. “We are here to help any way we can. We do not want anything from you. Do you have a need that we can help with?"  It does not matter how big or small, if we can gather the resources and have the knowhow we will do it.

 Look for a need within your small group, RockPointe serving team or church family and then take action to meet that need. This could be financial, housework, help with kids…doesn’t matter the need just look for it and say yes. (Or maybe that someone is at your job or a place of business you frequent.)

 Laundromat or grocery store—Go and pay for someone’s laundry or food.

 Love to bake? Bake cookies and give them somewhere God leads.

 Are you handy with a hammer? Help a single mom hang a shelf. Got a lawn mower? Mow and clean up a someone’s yard.

 Talented at arranging flowers? Make some bouquets and deliver fresh flowers to someone God leads you to visit.

 Skip a meal out this week or choose not to spend something you otherwise would, bring the money with you and ask God to show you a place or person who could use a little help.

Remember, stepping out and following God in WILD faith is not perfect, it’s a process of listening and obeying. It might be a little awkward. It might get weird. AND it might be AWESOME! It didn’t start on 10 Second Saturday and it won’t end when it’s over.

Take the 10 Second Challenge! And DON’T FORGET!! Document your adventures with videos and photos and post them along with your experiences in your home campus RockPointe Facebook Community Group for Leander or Liberty Hill