We all need truth to hold onto in life for the trial of a life-shattering crisis, or for the discouragement that comes from months of persevering in life’s daily demands. We all need something strong to stabilize us when we feel like we are going crazy.

What sustains a follower of Jesus? What gives us faith to believe that God will provide, heal, or help us live this WILD life of faith He has planned for us?

There are over 3,000 promises that God has made to you.

The idea of these worship nights is to explore what God has promised us through music, prayer, and teaching. Something happens when we get together and sing. Something happens when we pray. Something happens when we choose to have faith even when we can't see the rescue coming. 


OCTOBER 15: All Church Gathering 6 p.m. @ the Liberty Hill Campus

NOVEMBER 5: All Church Gathering 6 p.m. @ the Leander Campus

(November 5 - Special Guest Africa New Life with Pastor Charles)


Childcare is available for Infants and Toddlers

NEW NOVEMBER 5: Worship Night activities for Pre-K-5th Grade! 

COST: $2 cash for kids pizza